Our Leaders Build Legacies


We don’t have clients—we have relationships.

Leaders from students to retirees are part of the ROAR nation. DGME is here to help you refine your vision, embrace your dreams, and guide you to making a lasting impact with your leadership.

How Can We Help You?

Colleges and Students

Group and individual coaching and events are available to help students transition from student to leader in the workplace.

Transitioning from college to the Workplace?

Corporations, Governments and Employees

Group and individual coaching and events help identify and a encourage a leadership mindset, foster diversity and a sense of belonging within corporate culture, and equip leaders with the tools to succeed.


Additionally, we provide project management, proposal management, and customer service training.

Seeking to grow in your career?


Personalized coaching grooms you to level up. We can tailor a program that helps you polish your formidable skillset and strategize to reach your next career role.

Small Business Owners

Coaching and consulting equip both existing and aspiring business owners to become entreleaders. A breadth of services ranges from training and tools and ICE House facilitation, to cohort creation/accelerator services and business development strategies.

Ready to grow a business of your own?


NPOs clamor for project and other management services, guidance on grant applications and proposals, as well as equipping their teams to think entrepreneurially in the NPO space.

Searching for winning strategies and services for your NPO?

Business Event Planners

Compelling keynote addresses, webinars, and virtual events are available on a variety of topics, customizable to your needs.

Seeking a memorable speaker or virtual event?