Finding Your ROAR

Finding Your ROAR is a synopsis of my life as an African-American woman climbing the corporate ladder. This self-help book describes the challenges that women in leadership encounter. As a lion in leadership, I soon realized that I was working with a bunch of hyenas. Because I held my team accountable for doing their jobs, I encountered many problems.

Thriving In the Boy's Network...

with a surplus of confidence intimidates some people. Because women are strong, educated, passionate, and confident, doesn’t make them angry, it simply makes them marketable. We have so much to offer as we walk in our gifts daily.

I am not alone in feeling the agony of betrayal despite my talents. However, I overcame what was meant to defeat me. My experience in corporate America made me stronger; it only made me chase after what had been chasing me for so long. As lions, we don’t deny our nature, we only run with those who are like-minded and strong enough to roar when we encounter injustice.

With our skills and talents, we stand to gain so much more from the world than from corporate America. Sometimes we just need to be pushed out of our comfort zones.

This book is about me, but it was written for you. Become inspired by my journey and let it lead you out of the lions’ den, ready to rule the jungle.


About the Author

Empowerment speaker. Change agent. Thought guru. Dionne McGee brings her insane energy and compelling empathy for women in leadership to her writing, speaking, and coaching roles. Her career, built on more than 20 years of corporate life, has included in excess of a decade in the executive suite. What she’s learned there has been by turns painful and powerful.


With a special heart for women in the workplace, Dionne has become a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion. Today, she’s using her unique talents to help other budding leaders find their best selves, gain new courage, and embrace their dreams. With a solid foundation in excellence, ethics, and entrepreneurship, her approach resonates with those seeking to find their places in leadership. Today, Dionne is recognized as a powerful motivational speaker, coach, consultant and now—author. She has had the good fortune to travel the country to inspire thousands to chase after their dreams and goals and not settle for the status quo. “We must be fulfilled; otherwise what’s the point of being here? We should live life to the fullest, not just exist. Our voices must be heard in order for us to leave a legacy.” Find Your ROAR.