Our Signature Leadership Programs for

College AND University Students

ROARing Leaders: Pillar I

The transition from classroom to workplace can be a struggle. You just need a bit of guidance, and we can help! DGME helps prepare you to transition into inclusive workplaces as well as entrepreneurship. Let us equip you with principles, strategies, and training to lead before you enter your new role.


Both personalized coaching and group events are available.

Individual coaching includes:

• 90-minute Coaching Session
• Career Assessment
• Career Development Plan
• Mock Interview
• Bonus: Autographed copy of Finding Your Roar and ROAR TV Interview

Become a Roaring Leader!

Our Signature Leadership Programs for

Employers and Employees

ROARing Leaders: Pillar II

Seeking to grow in your current role? Or perhaps you have outgrown it, and need further training for your continued success. Take action!


Employers and employees benefit from our coaching to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, regardless of the corporate mission. Pillar II Leadership coaching nurtures the qualities of true leadership—helping to  build leaders who successfully integrate open communication and garner strategic results.


Grooming new talent? Building supervisory skills? Grooming for mid/top-level management? We have solutions for you.

Coaching includes:

  • 90-minute Coaching Session
  • ROAR Strategy and Discovery Session
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Bonus: Autographed copy of Finding Your Roar and ROAR TV Interview

Become a Roaring Leader!

Our Signature Leadership Programs for

Government, Corporate, and
NPO Clients

Ready to grow and scale your business? Need to refine processes or approaches?

In addition to leadership coaching, we provide personalized consulting services for:


  • Project Management
  • Proposal Management and Consulting
  • Customer Service Training
  • Course Creation and Video Modules/Training Delivery
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Focus Groups
  • Leadership Forums
  • Professional Speaker Training, and more

Take It to the Next Level!

Our Signature Leadership Programs for


ROARing Leaders: Pillar III

At the executive level, we go deep. With coaching services customized for your particular needs and goals, we help you embrace your courage and commitment to lead, explore your leadership style, and learn how best to plan, organize, and influence.


Dreaming of starting a business or scaling and growing an existing one? You want to build something meaningful and leave a legacy for your family and community? Feeling stuck for next steps?


Transformation is at hand. At DGME, we understand the challenges of fighting for opportunity, of transcending want and frustration, of wanting…MORE. Whether you are young and hungry, seasoned and weary of the executive grind, wanting to break out of the constraints of traditional roles—or somewhere in-between, we can help you find your roar.

Let Us Help With:


  • Entreleader Training
  • Economic Empowerment Training
  • ICE House Facilitation
  • Cohort Creation/Accelerator
  • Business Development/Strategy/Focus Groups
  • Customer Service Training
  • Grant & Proposal Templates and Consultation

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