Finding Your Roar In Business

Shifting lives and shaping legacies through transformational leadership services.

pushing back barriers that once held them captive.

Our clients celebrate being part of the ROAR nation.

We are a transformational leadership and business consulting firm. At Dionne McGee Enterprises (DGME), we help our clients to grow, scale, and become Relentless/Optimistic/Ambitious/Results-Driven leaders (the ROAR factor).

Whether You Are ...

Through consulting, coaching, and events, President  Dionne McGee and her team are excited to motivate, empower, and inspire you to develop to your fullest potential. Join us as we prepare you and your organization to pursue excellence in a workplace that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse.

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Let's Find Your Roar

Are You Ready to Push Boundaries, Fight Fear, and Embrace Excellence?

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Meet Dionne

’ve been where you are—talked over, ignored, and misunderstood. I’ve trod the path through modest beginnings and fought countless obstacles to earn my own place in the executive suite. And I did it in heels. Once I reached those goals, I realized I had more to offer, that I wanted to live my life more meaningfully and intentionally. Today, I am an empowerment speaker, strategy coach, consultant, author, and entrepreneur. My mission is to help you elevate your life by encouraging you to fight fear and equipping you with the tools of leadership. Together, let’s find your roar.

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